Walker Polivka

Walker Polivka is a junior broadcasting major here at West Liberty University. He enjoys the broadcast medium of radio and centers his show around interviewing people, ranging from local people on campus and in the community to celebrities that are household names.

Walker is currently the General Manager at WGLZ and hopes to provide listeners with an enjoyable experience. During his time at West Liberty, he has put together two immensely successful College Radio Day marathons, where he interviewed numerous famous and local people, gave away tons of prizes, and raised nearly $4,000 for charity. He hopes to bring that same drive for success to the General Manager position. 

While General Manager, he and WGLZ have both won national awards. Walker is a recipient of the Abe Voron Award for his work in college radio. The award and scholarship is given out to three students each year and Walker was chosen as one of the recipients during the fall of 2017. WGLZ also won the Spirit of College Radio Award for their outstanding work in College Radio Day in the fall of 2017. WGLZ was one of six stations to receive the award nationally. He anticipates for the station to have another very successful semester. 

Walker plans on going into radio full time after college. He currently works part-time at WCDK (106.3 The River) in Weirton and hopes to see it turn into a full-time position after college. He wants to work at a station that specializes in classic rock while continuing to do interviews and reaching out to listeners at a personal level. He loves the aspect of being able to provide joy to many listeners through radio. His end goal is to be a station manager and eventually a station owner.


2 thoughts on “Walker Polivka

  1. Walter what happened? Did the antenna take a hit? Why isn’t there any streaming music? Did the staff take a holiday?

  2. Stephen,

    We are having some computer issues with the online stream. The station itself is fine though. We should be up and running online again next week. Thank you for your concern and thanks for listening in!

    Walker Polivka
    WGLZ General Manager

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