Paul D. McKay

Paul D. McKay is a Wheeling native and senior at West Liberty University, studying Digital Media Design. He has an interest in graphic design, video production, video editing, and basically any sort of creative endeavor that places him either behind a camera or in front of a computer. After he graduates, he plans to further develop these skills by working as a freelance video editor and filmmaker.

In the very limited free time that Paul has, his favorite activity is anything that gets him outdoors. He is a huge fan of hiking, fly-fishing, hunting, and most other outdoor activities. He hopes to combine his love of filmmaking and outdoor recreation so that he can use it as an excuse to be outside even more.

Aside from school and outdoor recreation, Paul works as a manager at his local movie theater. Having worked there for 6 years, he has learned many valuable skills such as time management and working under pressure. His love of movies started at a very young age as he would spend countless hours pouring through his father’s film collection. It was only natural for him to find a career working at a theater. The next logical step in his career is to produce his own small films.