Nifty Fifties

Alana and her Grammie, Onalee, enjoying stories on the old trailer porch

Imagine a world without exciting stories, blissful memories, and great, historical accounts. It would be a shame to live such a glorious, eventful, and remarkable life and not get the chance to share those moments in time with others. Memories are wonderful to make and even better to reminisce on and relive through the eyes and ears of the listener. In this “Making Memories” segment, Alana had the opportunity to discuss what growing up was like for her grandmother in the fifties. 

Our grandparents are always sharing wild and riveting stories that might get retold every once in a blue moon. But maybe the beauty behind hearing such repetitive yet interesting narratives is so that we may never forget to pass their stories and life on to the next generation. When it comes to stories, Alana’s grandmother, Onalee, is quite the narrator. She is one of those grandmas that can talk until you are blue in the face but her anecdotes never fail to entertain, educate, and fill your mind with wondrous images.

As you listen to the past of Onalee, try to picture a simple and happy life in the fifties. Times are changing but it’s important to remember and reflect on the lives and moments of everyone for one day our stories will end. Hopefully this edition of “Making Memories” will be one for the history books that encourages you to appreciate, create, and share the little moments for all to hear.