Interview with Dr. Patrick Macedonia on Covid-19

Join Ian Phillips as he interviews Dr. Patrick Macedonia, the Vice President of the Jefferson County Board of Health on the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dr. Macedonia is a graduate from Steubenville Catholic Central High School ’63, Alumni of Franciscan University ’68, attended University of Guadalajara ‘72 for medical school, and completed his Residency in 1978 in Gynecology and Aesthetic Medicine. Dr. Macedonia currently practices as a doctor in Steubenville, Ohio specializing in Gynecology and Aesthetic Medicine.

In the interview, Ian will ask Dr. Macedonia about how important wearing a mask is during the pandemic. Ian also discusses with Dr. Macedonia about the impact Covid-19 could and has done to athletics, the concerns of college students returning home for the holidays, and what you should do if in contact with someone who has contracted the virus. Finally, Ian and Dr. Macedonia talked about when can we go back to normal.

If you missed the original live broadcast, click below to listen to the interview!