Dr. Moonjung Kang Faculty Spotlight Interview

Dr. Moonjung Kang

Dr. Moonjung Kang is one of the more decorated Professors here at West Liberty University.  However, her journey to finding this small campus in West Virginia is vastly different than most would imagine. A professor of Visual Communication Design, Dr. Kang joined the West Liberty family in 2009.

In this podcast, Ross and Stephen get to hear from the experiences Dr. Kang has had during her decorated and storied career. She also talks about how she found the Hilltop as her home, and how the professors and students have helped her call this school home.  Along with that, they got to hear about her childhood experiences when she was in school in South Korea. After leaving South Korea, she shared some of her experiences she had in the states.

Like most others, her journey started back in college.  Dr. Kang’s career started across the world, as she graduated with her Bachelor’s in Graphic Design Concentration: Visual Communication Design from Hansung University, located in Seoul, South Korea.  She then gained her Masters in Packaging Design from Hongik University, also located in Seoul, South Korea.

She taught at many different colleges and universities before reaching West Liberty, but even before she reached West Liberty, she took a hiatus from upper education and held various other jobs pertaining to graphic design.  Dr. Kang has earned numerous awards throughout her career, most recently earning one in 2017.  As a sitting board member of KOCON– The Korea Contents Association– she was awarded “Best of the Show” during the International Design Exhibition.