Mike Warnick

Mike was born in Cumberland, Maryland in 2002. He majors in Digital Media Design with a concentration in video. Michael Warnick went to high school in western Maryland from 2016 to 2020 at Mountain Ridge High School. His hobbies include art, fighting, and music. Michael participated in wrestling, Muy Thai, jiu jitsu, judo, and boxing from a young age which drove his passion for MMA. Mike has a passion for exploring controversial topics and having vocal debates that promote mental stimulation. This drove Mike to try his hand at broadcasting and

While at West Liberty University, Michael continues to perfect his passion of art that he has been working on since a child. Michael first got engaged in art at a young age when he visited his great grandmother who had a talent for artwork. She also guided Mike into his other passion in life which was music. She taught him how to play banjo, piano, mandolin, harmonica, ukulele and harp. A family friend was a national wrestler at West Liberty, and it was Bryan Davis that pushed Mikes decision to go to WLU.

After collage Mike hopes to find a way to combine his passions. With a background in television, radio, and video editing Mike aspires to work at a sports program that enables him to take parts in all of his hobbies. Another job aspiration of his is to work with wildlife documentaries or national parks as nature has always been a passion of his. Another job idea for Mike was Pixar simply because of his connection with Pixar from childhood. Mike is currently unaware as to how he wants to further his voice in media, but host, talent, director or video editor jobs are all of interest to hum. Mike wants to have a position in the media to where he can influence it and establish some sort of power and status.