Matt – Eddie Van Halen

This is Matt’s debut podcast. This podcast is great for anyone with a love and appreciation for Rock and Roll. Listeners will learn about the long and inspirational life of Eddie Van Halen. Listeners will learn about the rise and unfortunate fall of Eddie Van Halen. Eddie influenced artists from Michael Jackson to LL Cool J. Eddie battled with addiction most of his life. Although he could not overcome the consequences of his addict, his legacy still lives on. This podcast features several short clips of Van Halen’s music. It includes Ain’t Talkin Bout Love and Eruption. These songs both come off the self-titled album “Van Halen”. These two songs showcase the bizarre music gift that Eddie Van Halen possessed. Eruption showcases what Eddie could do with a guitar and one minute and forty two seconds of time. Almost 45 years later, it’s still one of the most impressive pieces of guitar work ever recorded. Early in this podcast, you will hear about Eddie’s early life and his first musical interests. Throughout this podcast you will hear Eddie’s transformation from an amatuer musician to one of rock and roll’s most prolific guitar players. You will also hear how Van Halen’s music progressed and still kept its audience. Eddie will be missed but his music will live on forever. As the lyrics of Van Halen’s song,“Runnin’ With The Devil” states, “I live my life like there’s no tomorrow”, Eddie surely had that mentality.