Faculty Focus – All FACs with Dr. Angela Rehbein

Well for my interview #3 – Faculty Focus, I interviewed Dr. Angela Rehbein who is an Associate Professor of English at West Liberty University.

I got to know Dr. Rehbein and some of her interests, we first touched on the topic of her profession which is an Associate Professor of English and I had asked her if she enjoys teaching literature in her English classes and she said she loved it and that she would never do anything else other than teach.

We also spoke about her research regarding the British women writers of the Romantic period, and she mentioned that it’s an area that she finds many interests in and teaching about it is something that she enjoys very much, she also mentioned that her secondary research that revolves around post-colonial literature and theory. It’s an on-going process and it seems to be going very well.

Dr. Rehbein also mentioned that outside of school she’s a very active person, she mentioned that she loves running, listening to music, going to concerts and one of her favorite artists of all time is “Harry Styles” and her and her husband are HUGE cat lovers. She was a very interesting person to get to know, I hope to get more opportunities to talk to her and catch up on how her research is going.

For more info about our interview check out the audio below.