Students With Stories – John Renshaw

In this interview, Pearl Renshaw and John Renshaw talk about how hockey started in New Martinsville. From playing in the streets of New Martinsville to playing hockey in the New Martinsville recreational district. He also goes into detail about his time here at West Liberty University, including his major and minor, his time as a reporter for the Trumpet where he covered sports. He was a journalism major with a minor in political science.

In the second half of the interview, John discussed one of his favorite Pittsburgh Penguins game that he went to where a fight broke out between fans and a group of people called the ‘Polish Army’ who were fans of a Penguins player named Bob Woytowich after the other teams fans kept saying nasty things about him, ending up with a canceled game because of people being thrown onto the ice.

At the end of the interview, John talked about some of his favorite radio personalities.