Academic Affairs With Stephanie North

David and Stephanie, an Associate Registrar, talked about guiding students toward the right career path through their major. They also discussed how technology has made class registration easier for both students and administration staff.

Nowadays, students can register for classes independently and search for available courses. They can join waitlists, and sort, and filter the courses they need for each semester to stay on track with their four-year plan.

David and Stephanie talked about technology advancements and the importance of majors that teach critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills. They are excited about the future of college education.

David and Stephanie discussed students’ quick adaptation to technology for learning coding, website design, podcasting, and graphic arts. They emphasized the importance of preparing students for success in the real world. COVID-19 impacted West Liberty University, with most students and faculty working remotely, and enrollment increasing. Technology played a bigger role than ever before, with Zoom app software accelerating learning.

David and Stephanie talked about the need for updated cybersecurity software to protect West Liberty students and faculty from viruses and spam. The IT department uses 2-step verification and monitors for scams, viruses, and spam to ensure safety. They believe college students adapt well to tech changes in classes and gain new experiences from it.