Cate Southworth





Cate Southworth is from Easton, Maryland where she attended Easton high school. She is a Social Work major with a minor in Digital Media Design. With her social work major, Cate plans to eventually get her masters degree and become a clinical therapist with her own practice. While still minoring in Digital Media Design, Cate’s dream is to start a podcast on mental health with advice that people can listen to and enjoy. Cate grew up on the water in Maryland so she loves the outdoors. She remembers from just a young age going on the boat every weekend with her family. Cate lived an hour away from Ocean City Maryland and would go to the beach frequently. She also loves to play soccer, basketball, and lacrosse, as she played all three growing up. 


 Cate hopes to better her voice in the media by learning how to be more confident and more natural when it comes to her delivery. She feels that WGLZ is the perfect opportunity for her to step out of her comfort zone and accomplish these goals. Cate is very excited to excel in her skills with radio and media!