Alana Milewsky

Alana was born and raised in Steubenville, Ohio, and graduated from Steubenville Catholic Central High School in 2019. She is a Digital Media Design student at West Liberty University with specific interests in graphic design, video editing, and most importantly, photography. 

At the age of 12, Alana’s interest in photography took off. Although she began with only an android phone and no understanding of picture-taking concepts, Alana knew she wanted to continue this fun and creative passion. Now with more skills, knowledge, experience, and better equipment, Alana has created her very own photography business, AM Photography, where she helps capture moments in time for clients to remember for a lifetime.

Besides photography, Alana also loves watching and rooting for the Pittsburgh Penguins. Because she grew up in a hockey fan household, Alana was ultimately forced to become a fan as well. However, this interest in the sport has led to Alana’s goal of becoming an official sports photographer for this NHL hockey team. 

In her spare time, Alana enjoys listening to music and twirling a flag. In fact, Alana is part of the Marching Hilltoppers where she can partake in these two activities together. Alana participated in color guard throughout her high school career and decided to continue this sport at West Liberty. Marching band is where Alana can freely be herself and has led to many strong and lasting friendships for which she is very grateful.

To Alana, college radio is a fun and eye-opening experience. Although she dislikes listening to her own voice, Alana has developed a new interest in podcasting. She even plans to use these skills to create a mini-podcast series in the future.