Samantha Snyder

Samantha Snyder is a senior Visual Communication Design major from New Creek, West Virginia and a 2017 graduate of Keyser High School. Samantha’s free time consists of a variety of hobbies including video games, reading, and fine arts projects.

Throughout her life, art has played an important role in shaping who Samantha’s become as a person. She was often found doodling and drawing in class growing up, and by sixth grade she knew she wanted to pursue a career in the arts. She often was found drawing her interests, finding how-to books to practice.

(pictured: drawing from elementary school)

Not only has she pursued a path in art itself, but she’s also had experience in theatre and music as well. During her time in West Liberty, Samantha’s helped remake and direct West Liberty Federated Church’s Bell Choir.

While she doesn’t know exactly what she wants to do after college, Samantha is very excited to be working for WGLZ.

(pictured: one of the graphics Samantha has been working on for WGLZ)