Academic Affairs with Dr. Zackary Graham

On this episode of Academic Affairs, Matty Lamp interviewed Associate Professor of Biology Dr. Zackary Graham. Dr. Graham has his PhD in Animal Behaviors from Arizona State University, and he teaches various classes at West Liberty University such as Zoology and Bio for Non-Majors. In the first segment, Dr. Graham talked about his work with crayfish in the WLU Crayfish Lab, explained concepts such as biodiversity and convergent evolution, and gave us a sneak peak into the processes that went into writing his book about crayfish biology and conservation. In the second segment, Dr. Graham spoke about his hobby of foraging for local fungi. He gave answers to many common questions such as why there are so many types of fungi and why some fungi are toxic, and he explained why the “Chicken of the Woods” is his favorite fungus to consume. He also expounded upon how the geography of Appalachia gives way to the formation of many different species, crayfish and fungi alike.