Distinctive Discussion- Marcus Spencer


For the Distinctive Discussion Cam chose to interview Marcus Spencer. Marcus was born and raised in Alabama and he went to the University of Alabama and played football. After college Marcus signed with the Tennessee Titans. Cam asked him to explain what is was like to finally make it to the NFL and how it felt. Marcus said it was one of the best moment of his life. After a bad injury he was cut from the Titans but far from done playing ball. Marcus also played in the CFL and in the Indoor football league. Cam wanted Marcus to explain the biggest differences between those three leagues. Marcus said the CFL was full of NFL bounce back players and a lot of them were trying to work their way back in the NFL. He said the Indoor football league was a lot less serious than the NFL and CFL but he still enjoyed playing. After Marcus was done playing football he became a personal trainer and started his coaching career. He has coached at different levels and different schools, but here currently coaches here at West Liberty University. Cam chose to interview Marcus Spencer because he wants to play football for as long as he can which Marcus did. Cam would also love to be a personal trainer, strength coach to a football coach.