Distinctive Discussion – Sheriff Tony Andronas

In the interview between Austin Beattie and, sheriff, Tony Andronas, the two talk about Andronas’ five-point plan when he was running for sheriff of Washington County, the overwhelming things about being part of law enforcement, and more.

They start of the interview by talking about the five-point plan, then they go into depth about all of the points that they decided to discuss. They move on to talk about the several different job positions and what all they had in common versus the differences they all brought. They discuss the Mr. Andronas’ favorite parts of being a sheriff and some of his other favorite parts of these other positions he has served in.

After the short break that the two take, they come back and conversate about some of Andronas’ favorite hobbies, what his life looks outside of the workplace, and what a day might look like in the sheriff of Washington County’s shoes.

Beattie starts off by asking a few questions about the academy when Andronas was there and if there was anything different that he either was or was not expecting. They speak on the college choices of Tony Andronas and how they ultimately led him down this career path. After talking about college and the academy, they begin a new topic on hobbies and his personal life.

Listen in for more information on Tony Andronas and some of his beliefs, things he loves about his career, and what a law enforcement official or officer goes through every day