Students with Stories with Anastasia Voevodina


Anastasia Voevodina is an exchange student from Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University in Saint Petersburg, Russia. She attends West Liberty University and is studying Economics. During the first half of the interview, Matty Lamp talked to Voevodina about her experiences working for the student organization Board of European Students of Technology (BEST.) Voevodina explained how she became part of a team that organized TEDtalks and how BEST helped her grow as a young professional in her industry. In the second half of the interview, Voevodina talked about how she started her business of custom websites and infographics. Her passion was sparked by volunteer projects she completed while in BEST, and since her first commission, she has garnered a large client base. She attributes this growth to the accessibility of social media like Instagram, the platform she uses to expand her reach. Voevodina wants to one day become either an entrepreneur or the CEO of a graphic design firm.