Hunter Dodson

Hunter Dodson is from the town of Weirton, West Virginia and he went to Weir High School. He enjoys listening to all types of music varying from hip-hop to classic rock. One of his favorite combinations is long car rides paired with loud music.  His favorite artist is either Kid Cudi or J Cole.

Hunter also enjoys cooking various types of food. He is currently a cook at a local restaurant but also enjoys playing chef at home. His favorite dish to make is a tie between seafood stir fry and a good old fashioned steak. Another thing he does in his spare time is watch soccer. He has watched soccer his entire life and played up until the age of 18. He supports an Italian team known as Juventus. His favorite player has always been Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

    Hunter is unsure of what he exactly wants in the future career wise, but hopes to figure this out within the coming years. His ultimate goal with his voice in media is to spread positivity and kindness. Something as simple as a laugh can brighten someone’s day and bringing happiness into someone’s life is an unmatched feeling for him and he hopes to continue to do this with his future, whether it’s small scale or large.