Distinctive Discussion – Rick Witkowski

Liam interviews Rick Witkowski, one of the founding members of the cult classic band Crack The Sky. Rick is known as a hidden gem in the musical entertainment industry for his endless creative energy and versatility. He has worked on numerous projects, including some of Nickelodeon’s most iconic TV shows such as KaBlam!, Figure It Out, Double Dare 2000, and the writer of the theme for the gameshow Guts. During the interview, Liam and Rick discuss his journey of writing music for Nickelodeon and some of the projects he has worked on. They also discussed some of the prominent artists he has worked with, and the challenges he faced during his career. Additionally, Rick provides insights into the music industry at the time, offering tips for navigating it and discussing his recent projects. His tenure in the entertainment industry has been nothing short of amazing. The amount of iconic Nick content he has been involved with is a delight to discover.