Distinctive Discussion 2

In this segment of Distinctive Discussion on WGLZ, Kaiden Kendo talks to business owner Zac Fluharty. Zac runs a detailing company where he details vehicles such as cars, boats, campers, and planes. Zac is very passionate about his business and looks to keep it going as long as he can. Zac just happened to stumble upon a gift for detailing and decided to try and run a business for it. After all his hard work, his

company has won multiple awards for their quality service. His business is local to the Ohio Valley and is well known in the area. Zac loves running a business and is very proud of his accomplishments. His best advice to anyone wanting to start a business is to just do it and keep at it no matter what anyone says. He believes that eventually you can find success as long as you put your best foot forward.