Artist Spotlight Of Bob Saget

Throughout Bob Saget’s life he has been through many struggles such as his sisters death  and losing a loved career.  The one thing that kept him hopeful is his jokes. In this podcast narrated by Caitlin Reynolds explained Bob’s life from when he was born to when he passed. The opening song is “Everywhere You Look “ by Jesse Fredrick. This song was the opening song of a hit television show “Full House” that stared Bob Saget as Danny Tanner. As we guide through his life explaining when he got interested in music at a young and where he got his comedic start. Bob Saget was a controversial star at best , but his fans were always there for him through the ups and downs. When he was the host of America’s Funniest Home videos he did the narration of the videos that people sent in. However, that offended many people which left him devastated. He went to apologize and learned from his mistakes. He also reprised his role in Fuller House as Danny Tanner. He explains that the reason why people love reboots is because it puts the audience mind frame at ease compared to what’s going on around them. Even though this wasn’t covered in the podcast itself it puts you in mind of his character. How caring, down to earth, and even thoughtful he was. If you are interested into listening more about his persona listen to the podcast and see for your self. You might be surprised about some of the things you will learn.