Pearl Renshaw

Pearl is a student at West Liberty University, who is a Regents major with a preference towards the field of communication. She loves to watch movies, play video games with some of her favorites being Genshin Impact, Toontown: Corporate Clash, and Honkai Star Rail. She also loves to listen to music with her favorite artist being Taylor Swift, although she listens to various genres of music, such as Electronic and K-pop. She also likes to make bracelets, draw, talk to her friends and collect all sorts of plushies.

She graduated from Shadyside High School in 2017, transferring after graduating from her old school in 2019 with a degree in Electronic Media with a Graphic Design certification. She hopes to get a job in the field of either television/radio or a job at Adult Swim. She is currently leaning towards working for a radio station after she graduates from West Liberty.

She plans to use her podcast to help her launch her potential career in the radio field, unless she decides to go into the field of television instead. She hopes to be successful in whatever field she goes into. She plans to graduate West Liberty University in sometime in 2024 or 2025.