Pearl Renshaw

Pearl is a twenty-four year old from Ohio and a Digital Media Design major who spends her free time playing video games, listening to music, drawing or designing characters. She also likes to watch movies and various television shows. Her favorite video games are Toontown Rewritten, Toontown: Corporate Clash and Genshin Impact, mostly playing them with them with the various friends she has made over it. She likes various genres of music but mostly listens to K-pop or music from the eighties and nineties.

She graduated from Shadyside High School in 2017 and transferred to West Liberty University after finishing her associate degree. She hopes to work for Adult Swim and make their animated bumpers, work on a radio or television station after she graduates from West Liberty University, currently she is not sure of which of the two she wants to do.

She hopes to use her time working for WGLZ to help her understand just what she wants to do with her life, she has always been fascinated by the thought of being on the air or anything else related to working on a radio station. She is also hoping her time at WGLZ will help her get the skills she needs to work for a radio station.