The Purple One

In this artist spotlight segment, your host, Alana, discusses the life, success, and unfortunate death of the once flamboyant and brilliant singer, Prince. This talented soul was brought into the music industry at such a young age but during his career, Prince was able to find success even through the most troubling of obstacles. Of course, like any musical artist, Prince produced top hits but he wasn’t your average star. As you’ll learn in this segment, Prince’s music touched on taboo and controversial topics like sexuality, politics, ethnicity, and more that shocked some listeners while captivating others. Controversial or not, his melodic funky grooves were certainly ones that would get stuck in your head on an endless loop. 

In case you didn’t already know, Alana gives you the scoop on the intention behind this funk-rock singer’s name change from Prince to an unpronounceable symbol. It was an interesting change of events that left audiences questioning what to call this artist formerly known as Prince. Well, that’s exactly what they called him until he later changed his name back to Prince. Just sixteen years after regaining his original name back, Prince, unfortunately, met his timely end. Like many musicians, his tragic death stunned the world and sadly, left many fans heartbroken. To find out some of Prince’s greatest hits, his top controversial moments, and how his life and music changed the world, listen to this artist spotlight segment presented by Alana.