Students with Stories – Stephani Hartman

Students with Stories here on WGLZ 91.5 FM gives the station, and its DJ’s, the opportunity to highlight students around campus and their interesting tales! Lanie Lynch had the opportunity to sit down with Stephani Hartman to dive deep into her past career as a cheerleader.

Stephani Hartman, or “Steph,” is an 18 year old first semester freshman at West Liberty University where she is a member of the dance team! However, Steph is actually an experienced cheerleader! She has cheered, through both school and competition gyms, for the majority of her life leading up to college.

While interviewing with Lanie, Steph was able to walk listeners through what her experiences were like participating such a vigorous cheerleading schedule. Steph broke down what it takes to be a competition cheerleader versus the stakes of school-cheering!

As such a seasoned athlete, Steph has also had the opportunity to compete in national and international level competitions with her gym. Listen to find out more about Steph’s experiences at the Summit cheer competition, one of the largest of its kind!