Matt – final

This podcast is a Liberal Arts production. The hosts of the podcast are Mason Riter and Matthew Barsch. Mason and Matt interviewed the Dean of the College of Liberal and Creative Arts. Her name is Cecilia Konchar-Farr. Dr. Konchar-Farr is from Pennsylvania. She completed her undergraduate degree from Slippery Rock University. She later obtained her doctorate degree from Michigan State University. Dr. Konchar-Farr was the chair of the English Department at Saint Catherine University in Saint Paul. She was also a Professor of English and Women’s Studies. She began her career as the Dean of the College of Liberal and Creative Arts at West Liberty in 2021. She was very firm when it came to how she would be performing her job if hired. Dr. Konchar-Farr stated that she is very comfortable with working at West Liberty. She loves the location of campus. Many people would be put off by the idea of working on a campus in the middle of nowhere. Dr. Konchar-Farr embraced it. She even stated that it reminded her of home. Dr. Konchar-Farr grew up relatively close to the area. She grew up in a large family in Western Pennsylvania. Lastly, we asked Dr. Konchar-Farr about working during the pandemic and how things have changed since regulations are getting lifted. Her response was as expected. We would like to give a big thanks to Dr. Konchar-Farr for taking time out of her day to participate in our podcast.