Cass Strader

Casandra (better known as Cass) Strader is a student at West Liberty University in the Media Communications major with a concentration in production. Her hometown is Moon Township, Pennsylvania, although she recently moved to Chester, West Virginia. On campus, Cass is a member of the West Liberty University Dance Team and the Student Government Association.

In her free time, Cass enjoys participating in badminton, playing Stardew Valley, and writing short horror stories. She is currently working on a personal project to turn a small collection of short horror stories into a book. Cass also often writes scripts for short film projects and hopes to begin filming them soon in order to share her work online with others.


In the future, Cass would like to use her voice to be a podcast or other media host. She hopes to begin producing a podcast project for her friends in the near future. In a realm slightly outside of audio, she would like to produce films and historic documentaries. History is one of her many passions, and she wishes to present it in an interesting way to help others stay focused and understand its importance. Cass hopes to add new energy and order to the traditional historical documentary format in a plan to revitalize the genre for younger audiences.