Caitlin Reynolds

Caitlin Reynolds is from Moundsville, West Virginia and is a recent graduate of John Marshall High School. At West Liberty she is a broadcasting major and has aspirations of one day becoming on air talent for a major network.

Her family and animals are very important. Her family consists of her older sister, her mother, father, and great grandmother. Along with that she owns one cat, three dogs, 8 ducks, and finally 9 chickens. On her free time, she enjoys playing with one of her dogs named Sadie. Together they like to go walking down the alley or sometimes running, because Sadie thinks its funny to chase birds.

She is also a consumer of pop culture. She enjoys watching YouTube or listening to music. Her favorite genre to listen to is country, pop, and sometimes classical. Her favorite movies include the Twilight Saga series, The Greatest Showman, and of course the Disney classics like Cinderella or Lilo and Stitch. She also likes to read when time is convenient for her. She loves the Twilight Series, Island with the Blue Dolphins, The Great Gatsby, The Giver, Outsiders, How to Kill a Mockingbird, and The Hunger Games series. Favorite Shows are the Office, Parks and Rec, SpongeBob, Vampire Diaries, and Charmed.

For Caitlin, college radio is an outlet to show her personality to others. She is quite shy, but with college radio it will allow her to branch out to other people. This will help her get over her stage fright, but also help her to learn more about radio.