The Ins and Outs of Social Work

I’m sure many of us never stop and think about the field of social work or even the life of a social worker. However, after listening to this edition of Faculty Focus on the College of Liberal and Creative Arts, we hope you may gather a better understanding of this wonderful career and discover just how amazing of a professor and social worker Dr. Sylvia Senften truly is. As you will find out, Dr. Senften has been teaching for 25 years and has been at West Liberty for the past 12. At first, she didn’t see herself in such an empathetic profession but after many years of schooling, she found her place in child welfare services. Later, she grew to love the administration aspect of social work and that is when she decided to continue her journey as a professor of the social work program. 

Throughout this podcast segment, you may find that for social workers, their workdays are never the same, which may seem unsettling to those who need structure in their lives but for Dr. Senften, it is an absolute treat that keeps her on her feet. However, with every positive aspect comes the negative. Social workers may face individuals struggling through horrible tragedies, causing their job to become heavy and overwhelming. Therefore, Dr. Senften shares some excellent advice about how one can cope with all the burdens. Find out what it’s like to be a social worker, the history of social work laws, and an inside view into Dr. Sylvia Senften’s life as a whole in this Faculty Focus!