Distinctive Discussion with Johnny Wilson

In this interview, Johnny Wilson aka Johnny O and Pearl Renshaw talk a little about the background of their interview, including the struggles of starting the interview. They talked about the intricacies of running a radio station, such as the companies that can run a radio station, the station numbers and the power needed. They also talked about how Johnny got started with radio, including the fact that his father was a disc jockey who went to West Liberty.

Before the break they talked about the importance of being able to connect with your audience and why something like that cannot be replaced with the digital revolution or AI and why both of them prefer a real person on the radio instead of an AI.

In the second half of the interview they talk more about the power of the radio station, what someone who’s interested in that field should do. They also talked more about how his fans were able to connect with him. They talked more about connecting with their fans before ending the interview by talking about one of the things that makes Johnny Wilson like being on the radio, the House Party.