Caitlin Reynolds and Logan Riggenbach interview Aaron Anslow

This podcast highlights Aaron Anslow, a ceramics professor at West Liberty University. He has been with West Liberty University since 2019. Anslow also is the host of the ceramics club here on campus. He has done numerous projects throughout the years, such as presenting his work in China, where he eventually was shown in a magazine called Clay Times Magazine. He was also in the military from 2003 to 2005 as a sergeant. While he was overseas, he would take acrylic paint and paint the barracks. Soon after he was discharged, he went to West Virginia University to continue his master’s. Once graduated, he ended up teaching at Bethany College. Aaron started a ceramics club there too! He describes this club as a starter to one of his classes or a start of a new hobby. This club is set on Wednesday nights from 9 to 10 pm. He is also a part-time owner of a studio called Earthsmith that is currently located in the town of Bethany. In this podcast, Anslow explains that he keeps his ownership of the studio and teaching separate so it doesn’t hinder his students when trying to learn with clay. He tries to incorporate his military experience in his teaching. It’s a way to keep the students grounded as they work on the assignments. His kids are also in training as well as his students. Right now he is teaching them the science of clay and where to dig it up naturally. Currently, his kids are making clay figures of their favorite Pokémon characters. He describes that sometimes people have to find a new way of handling clay. It’s a learning process for him and his students.