JoLeigh Young

JoLeigh Young is a Broadcasting Major at West Liberty University. She is from Moundsville, West Virginia and graduated from John Marshall High School in 2023, where she was a part of their student broadcasting program.

JoLeigh enjoys riding her bike when she is home, going to the gym to run on the treadmill when she’s at school. She also likes to watch movies with her friends, especially in the theater. Art is another hobby of hers, where she likes to draw buildings and cityscapes and doing pottery. Art had been one of her favorite classes in her schooling. Her ceramics class in high school introduced her to her love for 3D art.

After college graduation, JoLeigh wants to be a director, whether in news, T.V., or movies. She has wanted to be a movie director since she was in 8th grade when she found an interest in Wes Anderson and Taika Waititi films. The broadcasting program at John Marshall helped advance her technical skills in directing, but she believes she still has a lot more to learn while in college and future careers. JoLeigh hopes to develop a stronger voice to aid her in directing endeavors so she can better communicate with coworkers.