Academic Affairs – Dr. Borchers

During this edition of WGLZ 91.5’s Passionately Vocal series Lanie Lynch had the privledge of sitting down with Dr. Borchers for the Academic Affairs program. Dr. Borchers is the current president of West Liberty University. However, before coming to West Liberty University, he had built up an impressive resume of academic leadership.

In college, Dr. Borchers quickly found his home in the communication department where he excelled on the speech team and traveling within his major. Professionally, Dr. Borchers worked as the “Dean” of his college and made a few moves throughout the beginning of his career.

Dr. Borchers then took a position as Vice President at Peru State College where he worked successfully and happily for years. After his time there came to an end he began looking for a similar school environment and stumbled upon West Liberty University.

As he even admits, the coincidence of finding West Liberty seems meant to be! Over the course of his employment Dr. Borchers has placed an emphasis on academic and career advancements as well as creating a sense of belonging within the student body and is looking forward to his future at West Liberty!