Interview #2 – Students with Stories, Noah Horvath

My interview number 2, students with stories I interviewed my roommate Noah Horvath. Noah serves in the national guard as a combat medic and is a student here at West Liberty majoring in music tech. Noah came into the WGLZ studio on November 2nd at 2:15 for this interview that is part of the series, “Passionately Vocal”. 


In this interview, Noah told us his story and experience through basic training. He talked about the work routine he went through, the adjustments, and his overall time spent there. He elaborated on the shots that he had to take, how they immediately shaved everyone’s head, and even some of the nicknames they got off of the bat. 


Noah went on to talk about his experience throwing grenades at the “grenade range” and how someone opened a pin in their hand. He had also shared a traumatizing moment he had to experience when one of his fellow soldiers wasn’t doing well mentally and tried killing himself. He endured struggles and saw some wild things, but reassured us that it was the right choice for him and he is glad with the path he went down.