Taylor Martie

Taylor Martie was born in Wheeling, WV but grew up in New Martinsville, WV. Where she went from New Martinsville School to Magnolia Highschool. Graduating in the class of 2020. 

Taylor is an active digital artist, and a video game enthusiastic person. She has been drawing since the age of 2 and grown more accustomed to digital art over those years of practice, and commissions. But she also has a huge passionate for video games of any MMORPG styles such as Maple Story, Monster Hunter World and Rise. During 2020 she has been able to make more friends and finding community from Monster Hunter and plans to play the older games for fun. 

During her high-school career she was apart of a group from the Oglebay, called Artist Residence where she filmed two documentaries and a entry for a competition HGTV to try and rebuild her hometown’s old buildings. These instances helped Taylor in the love for film making and producing. She also during her senior year took a class in broadcasting as it was a fresh thing in Magnolia and helped edit videos, record home games and other events. 

Taylor is currently a Sophomore at WLU, she is beginning to work at Topper Station to hopefully help her understand cameras more and recording. 

She plans after graduation to either start to her own podcast or go work with a filming company. By working with WGLZ she hopes to get better at her interview skills and understanding audio.