Students With Stories-Cardin Beal

In an interview between Pearce Butler and Cardin Beal, the title of this segment being “Students with Stories, “these two talked about some crazy stories, such as how Cardin one time had a client that tried to frame him and ruin his reputation as a person, over how much it cost for his personal pictures to be edited. And other topics such as how Cardin almost fell out of an 8-story window trying to get a good photograph shot of the crowd of people at a festival that was occurring at that time in his hometown. During this whole interview, we take a look at Cardin’s life and how he fell in love with the art of Photography.

A little about Cardin Beal’s background is he is a freshman here at West Liberty University, his major is Photography with a minor in Business. He is from Berkley Springs, West Virginia.  Originally, he was a Waiter at a restaurant before he fell in love with the art of photography. He has been doing photography for 8 years with an astonishing 43 awards in his career. The two begin talking about the first story how one of his clients tried to frame Cardin over a photoshoot price, this was one of Cardin’s first ever photoshoots as a free-lance photographer when he was a freshman in high school. He only charged $100 for the entire photoshoot and editing, and the guy said it was too much money and got aggravated with Cardin and tried to ruin his business.

After the first story, they took a short advertisement break, before the continuation of the following story, where Cardin almost fell out of an 8-story building trying to get a good photograph of the people and scenery of a festival that happens annually from his hometown of Berkley Springs. Cardin plans to one day travel the globe and continue his freelance opportunity with his future life and career in Photography, to fulfill his dreams.

Pearce and Cardin at the end of this interview talked more about the story and shared their interests and knowledge of the love of Photography.