Brooke Scopel

Scopel was born and raised in Weirton, West Virginia, attended Weir High school and graduated in 2019. They then went to West Liberty University, Northern Community College and then back to West Liberty to pursue a passion for digital media design and artistic creativity within technology. 
Scopel is a junior pursuing a degree in Visual Communications: Digital Media Design. After graduating Brooke is looking to pursue jobs and positions that are photography, web design, and video production. Photography and editing are Scopel’s passions within the field as well as portraits and visually appealing and engaging subjects within those areas of photography and videography. 
Some of Scopel’s hobbies include photography, art, history, video games, reptiles and cinematography. Scopel hopes to travel across the world and explore natural wonders and meet new people. Some personal favorite television shows of Scopels are Hazbin Hotel, House MD, and The Night Shift. One of Scopel’s favorite video games is Genshin Impact with a close second being Baldurs Gate. Scopel’s favorite sport is Baseball and their favorite team is the Pittsburgh Pirates. 
Scopel hopes that by working with WGLZ that they are able to become proficient and skillful in interviewing others as well as becoming more solidified in their skills behind the scenes on live performances. By having these skills perfected and improved upon