Students with Stories- Rocco Falosk

In the interview between Austin Beattie and Rocco Falosk, titled, “Students with Stories,” the two talk about the incredible story of his little brother who experienced an extreme case of appendicitis. Rocco is asked by Austin about the scariest sights of seeing his brother in this horrible time, the several days before taking his brother to the hospital, and other specific details about what all was asked of him and his entire family.


They start off the interview by introducing each other and a little background on Rocco, which includes his name, major, and what he plans to do later on with his career. They then move onto an overview of his brother’s appendicitis incident and what happened before, during, and after his scary surgery. This particular spot of the interview doesn’t really give super specific details in the story.

The two of them then take a short break for a few station identifications and ads, then they jump right back into the interview with a lot of detail in the most important parts of his brother’s story. 

They speak of the days Rocco had to stay with his grandparents because of his brother, mother, and father staying with his brother at the hospital, and the troubles of trying to work through a young life and not knowing what all is going on or happening to his younger brother. After this, the two speak of the change that occurred when Rocco’s brother returned home and the new challenges they encountered along the way. 

Austin and Rocco ended the interview by speaking on what Rocco thought the craziest part of the whole story and why he, as a whole, necessarily thought this.