Academic Affairs With Kate Billings

In an Interview between James Salvatori and Kate Billings, titled “Academic Affairs,” the two talked about Kate’s role here on campus and what all student life has to offer for students on campus with intramural sports, clubs and organizations, student activities, etc. Later on in the interview they dove back in time and talked about Kate’s past and some of the positions she held before coming to West Liberty University with the Washinton Wildthings,  Cerila World PR, and Binghamton University

 The interview begins with Kate Billings’s current position being Director of Student Life and Title XI coordinator. With Student Life that means she is in charge of overseeing all of the clubs and organizations and is in charge of three graduate students who help around her office along with some of the activities throughout the campus.

After getting to know her current position we took a short commercial break and then spoke about her past and Kate’s position she held at Washington Wildthings. Her position with the Wildthings was Assistant General Manager. While there she was in charge of promotional items and event planning like concerts, etc. While there she helped bring in a professional softball team, later with Cerila World PR. She explains it was a small Public Relations firm and while working there she realized that she did not want to work in Public Relations in the sense of writing but rather wanted to work in the event setting.

To close out the interview, they talked about how you have to work hard in order to get the position you want as well as making sure sometimes you can stay on a team if you do not reach the goals!