Academic Affairs With Tessa Ullom

In an Interview Pearce Butler and Tessa Ullom titled “Academic Affairs,” these two talked about Tessa Ullom’s role as (HR) Human Resources Generalist at West Liberty University and how being an HR can benefit the Community of newcomer students who are planning on coming to West Liberty and how they can find jobs here on campus. The start of the interview begins with Tessa giving some biography about herself and where she grew up and how she started out at West Liberty and how she started early into her position as HR. They both progressed down a spiral of interesting topics for the future of West Liberty and how it can potentially benefit the new generation of students for years to come.

The interview begins with her describing her childhood and her life throughout high school and her early years of college.

Pearce broke down some interesting comparisons the two shared about things they enjoyed doing in their free time since they grew up pretty close to each other.

After getting to know more information and background about Tessa and her position on campus, they took a short commercial break in between segments. Once the intermission was finished they dove into more interesting topics that Pearce brought up such as how Covid 19 impacted the school and how much it has changed the school system. Tessa stated that more professors at all colleges around the globe are starting to do their classes online compared to a in-person classroom. She also dove into the topic of how she arranges different events for new students who are touring the campus such as inaugurations and presentations for new students to talk about the schools education system and how Fafsa works.

To close the interview they talked about how different technology is getting especially nowadays with phones and computers and how that would impact students of the new generation.