David Wiselka


David was born and raised in Bridgeport, Ohio. He attended Bridgeport High School and graduated in the class of 2017. He then attended Belmont College in 2017 and transferred in 2021 to West Liberty University.

David is currently a senior pursuing a B.S. in Digital Media Design. After graduation, David wants to work in the Graphic Design Industry doing illustrations, typography, branding, and photo editing.

If that does not work David wants to work in the radio broadcasting industry and do his own shows and interviews. David currently wants to work for iHeart Radio in Wheeling, West Virginia as a Radio DJ.

David enjoys fishing and being able to relax and connect with nature. The most satisfying part of fishing for David is reeling in a catch, which he finds both rewarding and enjoyable. He also plays basketball with his friends to help him have fun, build self-confidence, and build good communication skills. Photography is David’s passion, he sees beauty and detail through a camera lens that most people don’t.

David plans to continue practicing regularly to improve his radio voice and make it more engaging. He also plans to control his timing and pacing which will help him to be more relaxed when talking to his listeners or special guests. Overall in the future, David plans to be a radio DJ to put his voice to good use by hopefully working for a radio station like iHeart Radio, Kiss FM, or Mix 97.3. He hopefully wants to become successful in this field because he finds it quite a lot of fun.