Distinctive Discussion: Bronwyn Barrera

On Thursday, December 2nd, 2022, Anna Dean conducted an over-the-phone interview in the WGLZ studio with Bronwyn Barrera. The interview was a part of a Distinctive Discussion episode for the Passionately Vocal Series. Bronwyn is a marketing and communications strategist who lives in Chicago, IL. Currently, she serves as the communications and marketing director for the American Dental Hygiene Association (ADHA).

The interview consisted of two parts. In the first part, Anna and Bronwyn spoke about the field of communications/marketing. Bronwyn shared her journey as a strategist, her college years, and the rise of social media in the profession. She also shared some advice for prospective communication students. In the second part of the interview, Anna asked Bronwyn questions about her current role with the ADHA. Bronwyn talked about the hiring process, what she’s done so far, and upcoming projects she’s excited about. Check out the interview below!