Distinctive Discussion With Danny Meyers

In an Interview between Pearce Butler and Danny Meyers, titled “Distinctive Discussion”. The two talked about Danny’s role at WTRF News 7 in Wheeling West Virginia and discussed some background about Danny and how he got into his position currently at the News station. Later throughout the interview they discussed about certain topics such as some history about the news station and how the news celebrated its 80th year on air, as well as how technology and publishing as changed in this particular field and building.

The interview starts off with Danny going back in time with some biography about his life. Pearce starts asking him about how he started off in the radio and television profession. Danny describes his years throughout high school and early years of college, pointing out different strategies he used to get into the radio industry. When he was first hired at News 7, he was a camera assistant, meaning he was only their at first for the training and thorough learning of how the cameras and equipment work as well as the main broadcast radio which is being aired on every channel from here across the country. 10 years down the line he got a raise to a different position as a reporter for sporting events across the county and later also broadcasted a few NFL Steelers games in Pittsburgh PA. In between segments they had a short commercial break which lead to them discussing different topics afterwards such as how much different Danny’s life has changed from college until now and how he has had an impact for the future employees of the News station to have a major impact for them in benefiting their abilities in the field. 

Towards the end they still discuss more about technology and how the future of radio down the line will improve more and more each year slowly. Pearce asks him some personal questions as well such as where do you see yourself in 15 years from today.