Faculty Focus: Professor Tina DeWitt


On Thursday, November 17th, 2022, Anna sat down in the WGLZ studio with Professor Tina DeWitt for an interview. The interview is part of an episode of Faculty Focus for the station’s Passionately Vocal Series. Professor DeWitt is an instructor of finance and business here at  West Liberty University’s Gary E. West College of Business. Outside of teaching, she keeps bees, makes honey, and manages the on-campus thrift store – Topper Thrift. 

This interview is split into two parts. In the first part, Anna asked Professor DeWitt about her various roles on the West Liberty campus. Professor DeWitt shared about her time as a professor, her advisory role, and how Topper Thrift came to be. In the second part, Anna asked her to give some insight into her involvement in the business world. Professor DeWitt spoke about her previous jobs and how they interested her in pursuing entrepreneurship. She shared a bit about how her honey business runs and about any new ventures she’s interested in. Check out the interview below!