Taylor Scott – Final

A college student really does make a lot of memories. Oftentimes, college is when people discover their true selves and really become their own person. It can be scary and hard to navigate, but you can’t be afraid to grow because you will not be the same person by the end of your experience. There is a lot of growing to do during this time, and sometimes there are negative experiences that have to be overcome. How you decide to overcome them is a big influence on the type of person you are.

In this podcast on Making Memories, Taylor Scott sat down with a student from West Liberty University to talk about their journey to self-development and growth. They touch base on a variety of topics that almost anyone can find relatable. A big one during this segment is mental health, and how much of a role that can have on one’s journey to self-development. The other major topic is experiencing positive self-growth during this time, but also realizing that not everyday will be a good day. You have to be able to conquer every type of day that is thrown at you.

Listening to this podcast can give someone the insight they need about their own experience with self-growth. It can simply inspire you, or even just show you that you aren’t alone in your experiences. Sometimes just knowing that you are not alone is enough to keep pushing forward.