Academic Affairs with Camille Irvin

     For this segment of Academic Affairs, JoLeigh interviewed Camille Irvin. Irvin is the Housing Area Manager and a College 101 professor as well as being an alumni of West Liberty University. In the interview, Camille details what it is like to live on campus as a professor and the many stories she has of all the new students coming in every year. She also describes what she does as a College 101 professor and how she helps the incoming freshman that join her class, like showing them around campus, and answering their questions they have as first time students. Outside of her professional life, Irvin likes to go to DisneyWorld. She visits every year with her friends and family and even brings her dog along. Camille is so well versed in all things DisneyWorld, that she had recently became a Disney Travel agent, where she helps people plan their trips to DisneyWorld. 

You can listen to the interview below.