Faculty Focus- Martyna Matusiak

Cam chose to interview Martyna Matusiak for the  faculty focus interview. Martyna Matusiak is a professor at West Liberty University and she is from Poland. She teaches several different classes in the digital media design field. In this interview Cam asked Professor Mastusiak what it was like growing up in Poland and going to school there compared to what she has seen here. Mrs. Matusiak said that the school system are pretty much the same but it was more strict in Poland, and America allows there teachers to be more hands-on and interactive with their students. When Professor Matusiak moved to America she didn’t know anyone so she explained how it was hard leaving her family and making new friends. Mrs. Matusiak has been in America for 15 years and she has been teaching for 12 years. She taught at IUP for 2 years and she has been at West Liberty for 10 years. She talked about how she has seen the art department grow a lot since she has been here