XXXTentacion: Controversial Legend


In this Artist Spotlight, PJ Denard takes you through the life, work, success, and passing of the modern music sensation XXXTentacion. He covers some of the struggles and issues that young X faced, how the rowdy teen got into making music, his major achievements and awards, as well as his tragic murder at the hands of 2 gunmen. He discusses XXX’s iconic status amongst the younger generation that struggles with mental health problems, as his songs about depression, pain, anger, and loneliness amassed him a huge following of dedicated fans that related to and found solace in his raw and passionate tracks. PJ talks about X’s style, what kinds of music influenced his sound, and how he came to be seen as a pioneer of “emo-rap”, which is now widely popular with both listeners and other artists. He also touches on his personal life, which was filled with violence, abuse, crime, and illicit substances – all of which still taint his reputation to this day regardless of the good that he did before his death. Tune into this podcast to learn more about the music, impact, and legacy of one of rap’s most controversial legends: XXXTentacion.