Distinctive Discussion – Radio Talk with “Coach McMenemy”

For my interview #4 – Distinctive Discussion, I interviewed Coach Pete McMenemy who is a Graduate Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach at West Liberty University.

Our interview started with me asking Coach McMenemy to introduce himself and where he’s from. And then I proceeded to asking him a few questions about his profession as a coach and what challenges he has faced since he started coaching and what it’s like to help coach a women’s soccer team, seeing how he’s from Scotland and English football is completely different from American football.

And then we got a little bit personal during the interview, when I asked him “Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?” and he said that he sees himself as a coach of a professional team because coaching is something he does with all his heart.

Coach McMenemy also mentioned that outside of the field and away from coaching he is a very big fan of music and that he prefers to stay home rather than going out. He also mentioned that he’s working towards obtaining his UEFA Class A Coaching license.

For more details about my interview with Coach McMenemy check out the audio below.