Distinctive Discussion with David Mcgann

David Mcgann is an associate partner, boss, and employee for IBM. He is a family man, architect, automotive repairman, and computer scientist. IBM is one of the biggest software and technology developers and sellers in the country and even the world. IBM is a great place for employment for several jobs in the media department from Graphic Designers to Web Developers. 

This interview serves as insight to anybody desiring employment in a government based media job and what they can expect. David discusses what is required to fit in at a job like this and how employment at jobs like this work. Furthermore, David discusses how new employees can better fit in and succeed at a job like IBM. With room to change positions and several openings David explains potential mergers and business acquisitions. This interview serves to not only discuss how to stand out and excel in a high stress job, but also how to deal with the stresses related to being a boss at a top media job. My dream is to have his job and this interview outlines exactly how to do it. The last half of the interview is based around mental health in the workplace. David explains the importance of a healthy mind as well as how to maintain a healthy mentality in the workplace. With knowledge and education in computer science and technology, automotives, and architecture, David explains how to further your passions into your workplace and how that can help eliminate stress. The key takeaway from this interview is how to stand out and succeed in a competitive job market and how to reconstruct the stress from the job into a positive motivator.