Logan Riggenbach

Logan Riggenbach is from Proctor, West Virginia, went to John Marshall High School, and graduated in 2020. She graduated as a Career and Technical Education completer in Broadcasting.

She likes listening to Classic Rock, watching horror movies, knitting, and drawing. Queen, Bon Jovi, Fleetwood Mac, and The Beatles are some of her favorite bands. She was introduced to Classic Rock in high school when she took a class about Pop Culture. Her favorite horror movies include Halloween, It, Psycho, and Jaws. She prefers the older horror movies over the newer ones because they had better suspense and theme songs. Her favorite horror theme song is the Halloween theme by John Carpenter.

Her grandmother taught her how to knit when she was 9. She knits to relax and take a break after completing homework assignments. She plans on knitting scarfs and donating them to those in need. In middle school, she took an advanced art class. She has submitted her art into contests in the past and won third place when she was 14.

Logan plans on graduating with a Bachelor’s in Communications and a Minor in Entrepreneurship in order to become a film director. She hopes to direct science fiction movies as well as action and horror.

Logan finds podcasting interesting and hopes to produce a few of her own podcasts or vidcasts after graduating. She wants to talk about Greek Mythology, cryptids, conspiracy theories and round table talks.